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Bicycle Tour

Bicycle Tour

See the most manificient Angkor Wat temple on two wheels!

Angkor Wat tour guide has been leading extraordinary biking trips and cycling tours for since 2007. Whether a beginning recreational an advanced cyclist or mountain biker, we'll create a route with the right level of ride-time and mileage, just for you.

Arrange your own biking tour!

To see which temples you would like to go biking through, visit our Angkor Wat Temples page, survey from the sky with Google's Interactive Angkor Wat Map or contact us at contact@angkortourguides.com

For a customized biking tour perfect for the outdoor enthusiast!

This is also a great option for corporate events and team-empowering excersizes!

*When deciding which areas to see, transportation to & from the Angkor Temples should be taken into consideration (Do you prefer a walking, biking, or driving tour?). To visit multiple temples that are several km (miles) apart, some form of transportation is required.

A car or minivan can be provided by Angkor Tour Guides along with a driver, if is convenient for you.

Additionally, If you are traveling in a large group or with children, we can arrange a tour that is an evenly paced experience for everyone !

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