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Would you like to experience and explore Angkor Temple with a local guide?

Explore the spectacular temple with Angkor Wat Tour Guide! We offer the Photo Explorer Tour with a flexible guided tour to show you with the magnificent temple and beyond. Our tour will organize not just show the beautiful Angkor temple, but also you will be taken in to the heard of Cambodia to experience the local life and smile of Cambodian people. With the unique experience, we will manage the special way to take you off the beaten track, to remote temples, or alternative access to famous temples so you could enjoy it away from all the tourists and get you to meet and communicate with our Khmer people that normally they smile with their photo to be taken. We expert with a good knowledge of the site and we will show you with a nice tricks to take an unexpected great shot all along the day.

We are a Local licensed tour guides

We are experienced in guiding photographers

We are optimizing your valuable trip

We are a Fully licensed tour operator in Siem Reap

We are looking forward to help you get the best exposure of Angkor Wat !

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