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Yut was a wonderful

Real |
10/22/15 |
Yut was a wonderful tour guide of the teemlps of Angkor Wat area. His English is fine,he is passionate about the topic of Khymer art and he is most informative on many subjects. I highly recommend him as a guide for anyone coming to Siem Reap. My husband is a specialist in art and was impressed by his knowledge of Khymer art and also his awareness of world events and history.

Awesome time

Sam |
01/29/15 |
First it was an idea, an idea that brought us 9 friends to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat, Angkor Tom, Preah Khan, Bantey Srei and the floating village. I have found Angkor Wat Tour Guides resp Mara Long through the Internet. Mara was very fast in replying my emails and also have an answer to all my questions. He also gave me a tip how to 'easily' obtain a Visa upon arrival. This was great as I did not waste my time with queuing which I was very thankful for. Man, I felt like a 'VIP' being the first person to get a Visa and being the first person to pass through the custom… Mara, a very friendly, polite, flexible and charming tour guide who during our 3 days tour has turned out to be our cameraman instead, was busy with at least 2 cameras and a few mobile phones, helping our foolish group to take pictures from various angles and spots and different positions. What a bunch of jumping monkies he must have thought of us ;-) The last day at Beng Mealea, the sprawling jungle temple, surrounded by vegetation, it was the best place to prove our youths. Yeah, we climbed like Indiana Jones and the join force of the group was just awesome as we helped each other to overcome the most difficult hurdles and obstacles. One of our wish was to have a special lunch which not every tourist can have, so Mara brought us to an outside field where locals eat. There, we had the best simple meals of our lives. Steamed and Grilled chicken (used to be alive before we came), Morning Glory and Cambodian Rice. We used our hands to shred the chicken (what a feeling) and to eat our rice. After this feast, we just relaxed in the hammock. Aaaaaaaaa, what a life! Mara as charming as he is, fulfilled our wish to see some crocodiles, so he brought us to his uncle's house where later is keeping more than 200 of crocodiles! In the evening, he brought us to the local Khmer massages. He brought us to eat the local noodle soup and beef stew and he arranged the dinner buffet with cultural show for us.. Life treats us good. For our last dinner he suggested a high end restaurant which serves Khmer food, which we enjoyed. In order to wrap up our trip, we went for the French cuisine at the L'Annexe restaurant. Folks, the food was just delicious, pork medallion with fois gras on the top and the desert, simply awesome! Who has thought that such French cuisine does exist in Siem Reap… It was an unforgettable time in Siem Reap, thanks to Mara, our tour guide and cameraman who fulfilled every of our wishes. Not only is he knowledgeable about the temples, Siem Reap and Cambodian history but he is also caring and cheerful which makes our trip on of the greatest and we have met a new friend, Mara.

Letter of recommendation for Yut Chhon Chhea and Mara Long:

Leland |
02/25/14 |
STONE STANDARD 415 Madison Street ! San Antonio, Texas 78204 phone (210) 738-1060 ! fax (877) 608-5740 ! cell (210) 862-1062 leland@stonestandard.com September 12, 2012 Letter of recommendation for Yut Chhon Chhea and Mara Long: Our visit to the Kingdom of Cambodia started with a referral to Yut Chhon Chhea (www.angkorwalkers.com), a guide based in Siem Reap. I explained to Yut that I was seeking a level of service that would require an experienced English speaking guide and a personal attendant at my side from the time I woke in the morning until I retired in the evening. After considering several candidates, Yut choose Mara Long as our attendant. When our plane arrived in Phnom Penh, Yut and Mara greeted us as we walked from the tarmac into the airport and when we departed Siem Reap, they were with us at the gate. Both of these areas are generally restricted to ticketed passengers but Yut and Mara had arranged for special passes. You can imagine the surprise of our friends who were traveling with us when Yut and Mara accompanied us into these areas. In Phnom Penh, Yut and Mara started the day at eight o'clock after our breakfast and finished at eleven o'clock or later when we returned to the hotel after dinner and a nightcap. Since it is best to visit the Khmer temple ruins of Angkor early in the morning, Yut and Mara were waiting in the hotel lobby at five or six in the morning during the time we were in Siem Reap. If I took a nap in the middle of the day, Yut and Mara were engaged in evaluating restaurants, confirming my spa reservations, and running errands. Yut's knowledge of the ancient Khmer civilization was vast and, like a good teacher, he knew how to keep our interest. It should be noted that both Yut and Mara are fluent in English with minimal accents so communication was fluid. This is not always the case as several people in our group hired a guide for a tour and found the guide's English to be virtually unintelligible. I also appreciated that Yut and Mara had a quiet presence that was calming and respectful. Mara carried out his duties as attendant with such aplomb that one would have thought that he had served at Downton Abby. Wearing black pants and a white, long-sleeve shirt, he was at my side, as I had requested, until I excused him whereupon he would be within eyesight. At restaurants this usually meant that he and Yut occupied a table that was near our table. If I looked in their direction or started to stand, Mara was at my side to receive my instruction. When we were touring, Mara and Yut regularly offered me chilled water and cool, moist towels which was particularly important when we were touring the hot countryside on dirt roads in a open tut tut. When we walked through the Angkor Archaeological Park, Mara held an umbrella to shield me from the sun. One evening, Mara served drinks at our suite at the Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor. His manor was reserved without being stiff which was important as one of our guests was unaccustomed to being waited on in such a manner. Yut's restaurant recommendations were excellent and tailored to our guidelines. We typically visited restaurants prior to lunch or dinner to secure a favorable table and so that Yut and Mara could explain to the staff my request for prompt service and waiters who were experienced and had a professional appearance. The service was usually excellent but I expect that the servers were on their toes since Yut and Mara kept an eye on our table. Although Yut and Mara had not previously provided the level of service that I have described, they exceeded my expectations. This was quite an accomplishment as I am accustomed to being waited on by my own full-time, uniformed staff. I look forward to exploring more of the Khmer temples in the future and, of course, being served by Yut and Mara. Leland D. Stone

Better then I imagined.

Joseph |
01/08/14 |
My girlfriend and I travelled to Siem Reap and Mara Long from Angkor Wat Tour Guides was our guide. We truly could not have hoped for a more lovely trip. Mara facilitated all our random "I want to try" ideas, including taking us to a night market and helping us find the best street food (Snake and tarantula are fine! try them!), shopping for and cooking a meal in a home, visiting a house party, and even took us to the the best barber in town! From airport arrival to airport departure (6 days total) Mara and his driver treated us like royalty and like friends, from opening the car door to taking all the photos we asked, to laughing at my silly jokes. They created a schedule where we got to see so much and kept it at a pace where we did not get bored or overwhelmed. He even changed it up as he got to know us, we prefer hikes to car rides, so he took us off road on foot through the jungle to get from site to site when possible! Mara gave an introduction to every location we went, then stayed within earshot as we explored the ruins, answering any questions we had and showing us routes to take to see interesting things. One of the many highlights was a special request, we wanted to volunteer with children so Mara arranged a whole day where we got to teach English to children. He got us to the school early enough where we were able to give gifts to the children and play with them outside (hula hoops and soccer balls go a long way!) There was a teacher there who had a lesson plan in place, we simply augmented. By default Mara would drop us at the hotel each night, but often we would ask him to drop us somewhere else in town (go dancing at 1 AM in Pub Street! Super fun!) and he was happy to oblige. The hotel was fine and met all the needs just fine, limited (very slow) WiFi access, pool, GREAT breakfast buffet, and a measly fitness center, fine clean beds, nice view, good temperature controls. We went during the peak tourist season so Mara designed our itinerary where we took the opposite routes of the mass crowds, so we were never crowded. Only one time did we get overwhelmed, that was at a buffet style restaurant for dinner and a show, we actually left after only getting one plate each because we were impatient and the lines at the buffet were literally over 20 min long (Not Maras fault, just tell him if your not interested in the buffet dinner and a show place). Unless you have a spending problem you can literally spend 10$ a day (drinks, snacks, tuk tuk rides) and be just fine. $2 more per message :) I did not experience a problem with my gut, all food and drink digested just fine, though I did not directly have tap water I had ice in my shakes and drinks. Walking around Siem Reap expect to be offered Tuk Tuk rides, messages, or items for sale once every 10 feet, but the offers are not annoying and respect a simple "no thank you" (but who turns down a $2 half hour message anyway!). Bring US currency, ATMs charge $5 per use, try not to have 100$ bills, i got them turned away a few times. The hotels accept standard Asian style and US (2-prong only) electric plugs, UK style plugs will need an adapter. ENJOY YOUR GREAT TRIP!!

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