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Visitor Advise

Cambodian Entree Visas

When traveling to Cambodia or Angkor Wat, you need to a visa which can be obtained upon your arrival at Cambodia border crossing and The Cambodia International Airport. Visas can also be completed visas online ( E-visa ) at www.mfaic.gov.kh/evisa ( Free visa entree for some Asian member countries : Malaysia, Singapore, Loa, Indonesia, Burma, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines. )

Money & Exchange

Official Cambodian Currency is The Riel, which is denominated entirely in notes without any coins. While you are visiting Cambodia, you can use both Riel and $USD. There and ATM's available in town, and the exchange rate is normally 400R for every 1 USDollar.Check here for current foreign exchange rate in Cambodia

Passes for Entering Angkor Temples :

To help support and maintain the Angkor Park, all visitors are required to purchase a pass before entering the archaeological grounds. There are 3 types of temple passes which you can purchase at the booth office, and upon purchasing your ticket a photo is taken and printed on the pass. When traveling with guides from angkortourguides.com, we will assist with every step of the process in purchasing this pass. The official cost for these passes are:

What to Wear ( Angkor Wat Temple Dress Code)

Appropriate attire when visiting temples in Angkor Wat is long pants (covering the knee) and shirts that cover shoulders. Skirts, small shorts, tank tops, and other items of revealing clothing are not allowed within temple grounds. Visitors can and are frequently turned away from temples when wearing revealing clothing.

Seasons / Weather

These are the season averages for different months in the year:

Cambodia is tropical monsoon country, during all seasons, visitors are advised to bring sun cream, insect repellant, portable thin rain coats, and portable umbrellas.

What and where to eat:

In Siem Reap there is a wide variety of restaurants serving International Fare, from Asian to Western Food. We would advise trying the Khmer Specialties (Traditional Cambodian Food). When traveling with Angkor Tour Guides, we can provide recommendations of popular restaurants within the city and even accompany you to restaurants serving incredibly authentic Khmer Food on the outskirts in places that may not speak English.

Street Children

Cambodia has had a very difficult history in recent times, and there are many families that struggle to make ends meet. Quite a few children are not given the opportunity to receive an education, as parents send them to work at very young ages to help support the family members. As can be expected in an area with such high tourism, quite a few end up selling wares near tourist sites or resorting to begging for money. The sad reality is that while they may work very long hours, the goods you purchase from these children typically do not support furthering their education or quality of life. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of the future of Cambodia, AngkorTourGuides actively supports the community and children through CAPE (Child Aid Program for Education). If interested, we can arrange your visit to schools and areas near Siem Reap where providing just a few hours of your time, and possibly helping to purchase school supplies, can have a lasting impact on the children of Cambodia. Please see this link for more information :