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Explore some of the most stunning temples in the world with Angkor Tour Guides!

Angkor Tour Guides will plan in advance according to your itinerary and efficiently schedule to maximize your time in Siem Reap. We also provide assistance (recommendations if requested), in ordering from local restaurants, bargaining with shopkeepers, and arranging day trips within Siem Reap Province and around Cambodia. Choose your tour option with the following Packages and for some of the available tours in Siem Reap, please see this page ( link to Angkor wat tour )

Angkor Tour Packages

Angkor Tours Packages :


Explor the spectacular temple with Angkor Wat Tour Guide!

We offer the Photo Explorer Tour with a flexible guided tour to show you with the magnifcient temple and beyond.

Our tour will organize not just show the beautiful Angkor temple, but also you will be taken in to the heard of Cambodia to experience the local life and smile of Cambodian people. With the unique experience, we will mange the special way to get an opportunity for you to meet and communicate with them that normally they smile with their photo to be taken.

Email us at: contact@angkortourguides.com we make flexible way to costomize your itinerary for your unique Photo Explorer Tour.