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Team of Angkor Tour Guide

Mr Mara long

Mara long

I am the founder of Angkor Tour guide, I make most of the arrangements for our customer including itineraries, making reservations, bookings for hotels, tour guides, drivers, restaurants and any other arrangements that are required. All of your email enquiries come directly to me, and I guarantee that your emails will be replied to within 48hrs.

Jerry Jha

Jerry Jha

I have been working with Angkor Tour guide since 2010, I in charge of at making arrangements for hotels, restaurants or any special arrangements for things like cycling tours or elephant tours in Siem reap and Combodia.

Mr Socheat Ly

Socheat Ly

No matter what type of the tour you need we are the one that can make your tour smooth and worth while. I am an official licienced tourist guide and I have worked with Angkor Tour Guide Since 2010, Welcom to Siem Reap ! your holiday here is my responsibilities!

Mr Lida Po

Lida Po

Friendly and fun is my habit from the nature , don't worry with how many people in the temple, I will manage to show you with less growd to make you feel enjoy and satisfy with the trip. The more you happy the more I like !

Mr Savun Pok

Savun Pok

Like what Socheat ly and Lida Po saying, I love to work with people I will not be just only your tour guide, but also your photo taking adivisor I do understand how to make your trip satisfy. I have worked with Angkor tour guide since 2012 I love to see our business growing with offering a good service to our costomer as I always remember that mycustomer is my VIP.

Mr Marith Ron

Marith Ron

I have been working as a driver for Angkot Tour Wat Tour Guide since 2007 I am married with 3 children we live in Siem Reap Angkor area, and I am some kind of a very experienced driver I know Angkor Temples area very well, no matter how and when you have a tour with our team around, we promise to make your trip enjoyable with a great service.

Mr Ve Sna

Ve Sna

I just have been working for Angkor Wat Tour very recenlty since 2013 as driver and I am experience of driving tourists around the Angkor Temples. I am a new driver for our main team, I know just a low level of English, but from my friendly mood by the nature I can understand with offer you a good service.

Mr So Som

So Som

I am called Cobra, I am a tuk tuk driver for Angkor Tour Guide since 2009. I speak aceptable English and a little Japanese. Siem Reap is my home, Angkor wat is my pride when you have me as your ride, you will be shown not just only the temple.