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Angkor Wat Tour Guides.com is a specialized group of guides committed to providing extraordinary experiences to visitors of Angkor Wat. AngkorWatTourGuides was stablished in 2007 under the supervision of Mara Long.

Our mission is to enrich tourists with Angkor's history, culture, and prominence in Asia during its incredible reign. We hope to differentiate ourselves through our exceptional professionalism and dedication to sharing the incredible history of Khmer (Cambodian) Society.

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Angkor Tour Guides

Our goal is to create a special, memorable journey packed with incredible sightseeing and exploration in beautiful Angkor Wat

Whether adventuring as one, with your family, or in a large group, you can expect to be accompanied by a passionate tour guide that is intricately familiar with the Angkor Archaeological Park. Tours can be arranged from all hours in the day or early morning. Angkor Wat Tour Guides also provides a variety of sightseeing excursions to ancient temples and monuments outside of the park.

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From watching the sunset at the highest point of Banteay Srei to enjoying a memorable sunrise with the faces of The Bayon surrounding you, Angkor Tour Guides will take every step possible to make your visit to Siem Reap a spectacular experience!

Explore some of the most stunning temples in the world with Angkor Tour Guides!

Angkor Tour Guides will plan in advance according to your itinerary and efficiently schedule to maximize your time in Siem Reap. We also provide assistance (recommendations if requested), in ordering from local restaurants, bargaining with shopkeepers, and arranging day trips within Siem Reap Province.